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Nettlefield Primary School, Radnor Street, Belfast
School is now CLOSED to all pupils except the children of Key Workers. Please see for more information. Thank you.
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Principal Mr S. McLean
Vice Principal (Acting) Miss C. Irwin

Mrs L. Cardy (Nursery Coordinator)

Mrs M. Mackey

Primary One

Mrs A. Kane (SENCo, World Around Us Coordinator)

Mrs E. Hood

Primary Two

Mrs E. Ferris

Mrs J.Maxwell

Primary Three

Mrs J. Parkinson/Miss N. Kirk

Miss H. Long

Primary Four

Mrs A. Humphries/Miss N. Kirk

Mrs E. Murphy

Primary Five

Mr M. White (P.E. Coordinator)

Mrs V. McKay (ICT Coordinator, Shared Education Coordinator)

Primary Six Mrs C. Irwin (Acting Vice Principal, Literacy Coordinator)
Primary Six/Seven Mrs V. McFeeters (Numeracy Coordinator)/Mrs W. Marshall
Primary Seven Mrs C. Henderson
Learning Support 

Mrs B. Treliving (PDMU Coordinator, RE Coordinator)

Miss I. Wilson

Ms. A. Gallagher


Classroom Assistants  

Mrs L. Bell

Mrs H. Greer

Mrs B. Paterson

Primary One

Mrs M. Robb

Miss H. McMaster

Primary 2

Mrs S. Lambe

Mrs C. Glover

Primary 3

Miss G. Neculi

Miss E. McConnell

Miss J. Reid

Primary 4

Mrs J. Morrison

Mrs K. Ewing

Primary 5

Miss R. Ryan

Mrs L. Breenan

Primary 6

Mrs B. Heenan

Mrs A. Stevenson

Primary 6/7 Mrs N. McBride
EAL Support Miss S. Cymer