Access Keys:

Nettlefield Primary School, Radnor Street, Belfast


Principal Mr S. McLean
Vice Principal 

Mrs J. Maxwell (Acting VP)

Mrs C. Fullerton (Maternity)


Mrs L. Cardy (Nursery Coordinator, Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection)

Mrs M. Mackey

Primary One

Mrs A. Kane (SENCo, Inclusion & Diversity Coordinator)

Miss R. Maxwell (Play and Outdoor Learning Coordinator)

Primary Two

Mrs E. Ferris

Mrs H. Cameron (ICT Coordinator)

Primary Three

Mrs J. Parkinson/Mrs W. Marshall

Mrs J. Maxwell (Acting VP, First Aid and Arts Coordinator)

Miss L. Robinson (VP Release)

Primary Four

Mrs E. Hood

Miss J. Macartney

Primary Five

Mr M. White (P.E. Coordinator)

Miss S. Williams (Literacy Coordinator)

Primary Six

Mrs C. Fullerton (On Maternity,Vice Principal, Designated Teacher for Child Protection)

Mrs V. McFeeters (Numeracy Coordinator, World Around Us Coordinator)

Miss D. Murphy (On Maternity)

Miss C. Sargent (Maternity cover)

Miss R. Ayre (Maternity cover)

Primary Seven

Mrs C. Henderson

Mrs E. Murphy


Mrs H. Clifford

Learning Support 

Ms A. Gallagher (P1 - 3)

Mrs A. Humphries (P4 - 5)

Miss I. Wilson (P6 - 7)


Learning Support Assistants  

Mrs L. Bell

Mrs H. Greer

Miss R. Quinn

Primary One

Mrs M. Robb

Miss J. Stevenson 

Primary 2

Miss S. Lambe

Miss Karolina

Mrs O. Blundell

Miss B. Hamilton

Mrs A. Buchanan

Mrs T. Shaw

Primary 3

Mrs A. Watson

Miss Z. Stephenson

Miss K. Ewing

Primary 4

Miss C. Buchanan

Mrs N. Wilton

Primary 5

Mrs G. Hanna

Mrs A. Stevenson

Primary 6

Miss E. Beattie

Mr J. Beattie

Miss J. Lutton

Primary 7

Miss G. Neculai

Miss R. Ryan



Mr K. Noor

Language Support

Miss S. Cymer