Coronavirus Key Worker Letter 20th March

Friday 20th March 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,

Supporting Children of Key Workers in Primary School

At approximately 5pm yesterday evening, the Minister for Education in Northern Ireland, Peter Weir MLA, made a statement outlining how schools will close from the end of the school day today, Friday 20th March, however, will open with skeleton staff on Monday 23rd March to support identified Key Workers.

Many principals in East Belfast have agreed to follow a coordinated response to ensure that we support the children of key workers in a similar way across our schools. Some schools may be in a position to provide more support, depending on the numbers of staff still available to work.

Firstly, it is vitally important that schools are aware how many children of key workers will be attending school on Monday morning.

With this in mind, if you are an identified key worker, please make contact with school by 3pm on Friday 20th March to inform us if your child will be attending. This can be by phone or e-mailing

Before contacting school, please pay particular attention to the following points. Schools will not be able to operate a ‘normal’ school day. Many of our schools are already operating with a significant reduction in staffing and this will probably continue to get worse over time. To this end we may find that we have to prioritise certain applications if we are inundated with requests based on capacity, staffing and area of key work undertaken.

Points to consider

We would ask that you pay attention to the points outlined above before deciding to send your child to school.

Obviously, it goes without saying, if your only option is to send your child to school, we will look after them in order to support you in your important role.

Yours sincerely,

Mr S A McLean



Please work with us to ensure that schools operate with a limited number of children and staff.